Here be the most recent 200 games launched on Steam:

In this labyrinth, governed by his feelings, Thomas seeks his release. How to wake up from this nightmare? Is there a way out?

Roguelike + Gorgeous girls + Costume Break + Jewel Elimination, conquer the beauties you encounter by adequately utilizing your strategy and luck!

Warp Tango is a 1-6 player co-op survival shooter where you exterminate waves of darn vermin with your friends. Warp between the map's islands, grab strange weapons, and revive your teammates until the vermin claim you.

Zombie incoming,fortunately,we got plenty of vehicle to use,armed with multiple weapons,avoid attacked by zombie by driving vehicles,open landscape give you advantage to take vantage point,use weapons to hit them,grenades ,firegrenade are handy,you can upgrade weapons to gain more chance to win.

Cloud House is a revival of a physical location of a performing arts space, Centre 42 within the digital realm, featuring a single-player experience titled 'Love Letters to 42'.

Welcome to the mainland of Zelasda, where you can play the role of a survivor or use various props to evade the pursuit of regulators, crack the cipher machine, and escape from the manor to win!!!

The One Being, the Goddess who ruled it all, one day grew tormented by the actions of its own creations. That frustration led to what is known as The Great Divide. Now the world faces unbalance as those spirits fight each other for full control.

「Reshaping Mars」is a colony simulation game on Mars, you will start by gathering resources, storing food, accepting immigrants, and building a better colony together. Develop powerful technologies for Mars Reshaping, make Mars great agai..sorry, just great. Don't forget to make the residents happy.

Master unique movement in Spike Mtn to overcome tough challenges in this 2D precision platformer!

OrbRider makes indoor cycling fun! You ride and explore up to 7 different tracks and biomes as you take on multiple challenges, gather resources, and unlock new and undiscovered areas. Personal ANT+ USB hardware dongle and ANT+ enabled speed sensor or smart trainer equipment required.

Protos Magos is a Spellcrafting FPS with fast-paced combat. Explore a medieval setting and blast your way through a horde of demons. Create custom spells to suit your unique play style.

Welcome to Hot Ice! First person mode gives you a full sense of presense, realistic physical puck and only a short moment to escape the colision! You can invite friends, build a team and play online, or try your luck and play alone offline with an AI partner against exstra smart AI guys.

In the best 3D style, a continuation of the first game in the Unlimited Fight series, with improvements in combat mechanics, visuals, stories and much more, immerse yourself in this world full of action, epic and intense battles alone or with friends

An Island, a bunch of dragons and guns. Volt Inu’s Sailor Club invites you to the greatest battle of your life. Fight 24 other players for Honor, Wealth and Power. Land in strategic locations, loot weapons and supplies to survive the battlegrounds and be the last to be victorious.

Detective visual novel about mysteries of rural Russian town in 90-s, anime style.

Drift over some of Japan's most legendary mountain passes, compete against your friends or players from around the world in epic battles, make deliveries, buy new cars and set records in the world rankings!

A strategy game where driving a ball you will have to overcome countless obstacles to reach the exit and move to the next level. You will find led levels full of jumps, free falls, spins,teleports, obstacles and music that will immerse you in the game. A perfect combination to enjoy, are you ready?

FINAL AGE is a first person single player psychological horror game . The player takes on the role of a curious investigator who is drawn to a cottage located in the outskirts of a forest. The cottage was previously owned by an army man who mysteriously disappeared during a war.

Digital Diamond Baseball is a statistically accurate baseball simulator and tabletop board game companion.

Easy to play, hard to finish. The World's Hardest Game, which you used to play on flash game sites, is now with you in 3D. Challenge in different worlds, finish quests, upgrade your skills and reach the end in this 3D Hard Platformer!

If you were sent back 10,000 years into the past, could you not only survive, but give ancient Earth a technological leap forward? Based on real techniques and technology, (re)invent everything from an apple pie to electricity.

A blend of old school gameplay and new school controls. Experience a classically styled roguelike in a way you never have before! In first person!

Vertigo 2 is a single-player VR adventure. Explore the depths of the vast Quantum Reactor as you descend to finish your journey home.

Welcome to our open-world transportation strategy game! Choose from a variety of vehicles to transport goods and people across a dynamic landscape. Level up and increase your income as you explore the world. Become the ultimate transportation tycoon in our thrilling new game!

Saga of Sins is an expiatory action-adventure which features a mystical storyline and a rewarding arcade gameplay! Transform into demonic creatures and fight the seven deadly sins.

Take control of a friendly-but-deadly Mech unit. Face endless hordes of corrupted machines, gear up, and improvise your way out of trouble in this action-packed, futuristic top-down shooter.

DREDGE is a single-player fishing adventure with a sinister undercurrent. Sell your catch, upgrade your boat, and dredge the depths for long-buried secrets. Explore a mysterious archipelago and discover why some things are best left forgotten.

The Great War: Western Front is the definitive WW1 strategy game. Play a deciding role in history with this real-time tactical experience as you take charge in the iconic Western Front from 1914 to 1919. Pick your faction and lead your forces to victory.

Plasma is an engineering sandbox. Unleash your creativity with fun and intuitive robotics, physics, and visual programming tools.

Crush the cult of Astaroth and vanquish her hellspawn, make them squeal and hide where they came from. Enjoy a Fresh Look & Old Fun in this arcade horror FPS game inspired by the legends of the 90s.

Fight mechs with metal-crushing rock in Infinite Guitars, a genre-melting Rhythm RPG featuring vibrant anime-inspired art and a blazing original soundtrack. Battle against war machines with electrifying Guitar Solos, and save the planet!

A pixel-art sci-fi adventure set in the midst of a rebellion against a totalitarian regime, LUNARK is a modern take on the 2D cinematic platformer genre of the '90s. Run, jump, hang, climb, roll, and shoot your way through gorgeous and mysterious locations!

Step into a dark reimagination of Arthurian legends in this first person, open world RPG. Explore a world stuck in everlasting autumn, witness falling legends and make meaningful choices woven into a complex, branching storyline.

A sci-fi choose your own adventure game!

You come out of the Vault, build a magnificent city.

Deep Space Scoundrel is a rogue-like space adventure where you use a variety of classic arcade mechanics to explore the universe, customize your ship, land at spaceports, and fraternize with other aliens and low-lives.

BulletLive is a rhythm shooting game in which players shoot targets in VR space in rhythm. Players shoot targets that appear in all directions with blasters held in both hands at the right time.

Binary. is a cybernetic stylish action game where you fight viruses with big swords and guns. You are a freelance cracker who must dive into the net to fight the defenses and take control of the net. Use stylish swordplay and gunfire to create combos and fight off viruses in spectacular fashion.

A visual novel about a magic battle between girls. Iris" is a boarding school where students learn about magic. The girls gathered there all have mental defects. This is a story of magical girls with flawed minds and their battles and growth.

This game is a visual novel game about some spring days when a sensitive girl meets a upperclassman and loses herself in thought. Play time is very short, about 10 minutes. About 20 stills.

[3rd Person / Permadeth / Adventure] ALTF42 brings a host of new traps to the table. Be careful not to break your keyboard and mouse from all the excitement.

Every war has its Generals. Take command of an army during World War II and lead them to victory. Strategize your way through many scenarios and real historical military campaigns of past generals.

KAKUDO is a maze exploration and adventure game. As a small humanoïd named Tamashï, you will escape labyrinths while collecting as many coins as possible and beating your personal high scores. Complete all 50 puzzles to discover KAKUDO's enigmatic story !

Keita, an intrepid emperor penguin, gets lost during his migration and begins an extraordinary adventure on the ice alone.

Jigsaw Boom2 is a jigsaw puzzle game. In this game a player assembles a picture of certain number of puzzle elements.

Play as a wizard invading worlds and casting powerful spells in this action roguelike mixed with mining and resource management mechanics

PACIFIC - EASTERN FRONT - NORTH AFRICA - WESTERN FRONT | Fight on land, sea and air in an open world rogue lite FPS set in authentic theatres of of World War 2.

I paid more artists to hide dogs and bones in 15 pieces of artwork. Can you find them all? Warning: Relaxing.

Difficult game of skill and reflexes where you have to help the character to escape. Take your controller and prepare to die many times.

Demons Infernalize is a bullet hell survival game with minimalistic gameplay .Fight as a fire spirit in the magical snow planet. Survive as long as you can until your soul goes out. Burn those ice people and complete the levels, upgrade yourself, become the true survivor in the magical snow planet.

Eggcelerate! to the Tropics is a very challenging time-trial racing game with an egg on top of your motorcycle. Try over and over again to improve your time without dropping an egg.

Play as a Prisoner or a Guard with up to 12 players(or alone) in an online prison game. Loot, Craft, and make your way to the exit, or investigate and arrest wanted players as a guard!

B-Horror: Subway is a psychological horror game that puts you in the role of a detective who has to solve the mysterious cases that happen in the city's underground. With the help of your flashlight and notes, you will be able to understand what is going on.

At your exclusive boarding school, will you rule the roost or be a royal disaster? Court publicity, sway the fate of nations, and find love!

The Last Worker is an immersive narrative adventure centered around a lone worker’s last stand in an increasingly automated world. Kurt works for the world’s largest retailer and is forced to choose between capitalism or activism.

Discover an imagery Cambridge in this dynamic point and click adventure game. Find Mr Rabbit before The SS P320 leaves!

Roterra 4—Magical Revolution is the newest member of the Roterra® family of award winning puzzle games. Offering 35 levels of all new hand-built puzzles that intensify the perspective challenging journey through this fairytale world of gravity twists, scrambled paths and rotating blocks.

Roterra 3—A Sovereign Twist is a casual puzzle game in the magical world of Roterra® where up is relative and the path ahead may actually be behind. Turn and flip cubes to move the ground, open pathways, and overcome barriers in 24 levels containing over 50 newly hand-crafted puzzles.

Cursed Mansion is a horror adventure RPG that focuses on nuances and eerie feelings which happens throughout the adventure.

Fear everything and nothing for death brings you closer to victory in this challenging open world action-roguelite. As the Vessel of an ancient power you must use steel and skill to complete your mission in a dangerous fantasy world inspired by Scandinavian folklore.

This is a third-person shooting game.The story takes place in the future world, because of the doomsday worldview caused by the proliferation of artificial intelligence viruses. You will use the gunsoul girls to complete missions and fight against evil organizations, mutant monsters and more.

A pixel-art platformer adventure game with lots of action and a memorable story.Dive into the depths of planet Anyaroth and free its people from the tyranny of the Queen. Join the Rebellion and fight against the Regime’s mind-control system. The anya civilization needs you!

Engage endless hordes of monsters up close as a valiant knight, or shower them with arrows, bombs, and spells using 8 unlockable heroes with completely different skillsets and playstyles.

Eightrun is an intense, minimalist game of fast reflexes, in which the player tries to dodge patterns of obstacles while moving down an endless, octagonal tunnel.

As a powerful necromancer you have the ability to raise the dead and command them in battle. With each victory, your army will grow stronger and your city will become more powerful. Undead Horde 2 is an action game with elements from RPG, strategy and hack'n'slash. Rise from the crypt and rebuild!

The dwarves are forced now to build towers and every time one of the witches casts a spell one of the dwarves is turned into a frog. heir only hope is to build as many towers as possible and score enough magical points.

The ball is round and can become bigger or smaller. Its attack depends on your skill. May be very tired, but happiness comes with you...

The classic brain-twisting grid-based puzzle game returns in this collection, including the original 1989 Atari Lynx version, three classic ports, and two brand new Sega Mega Drive and SNES ports. Help Chip impress Melinda the Mental Marvel by beating her 140+ tough challenges.

Experience the best of both worlds with our monster taming game - relive the nostalgia of classic role-play games, while enjoying fresh and immersive gameplay. Capture and train unique monsters in stunning environments, and put your skills to the test in challenging 3v3 battles.

Evil gatekeepers. Transgendered protagonist. Overdue reckoning.This is a casual sci-fi action-adventure bullet-hell dodger about transgender people re-visiting a post-apocalyptic earth and searching for a lost artefact. A wholesome trauma-healing adventure.

Untold Love Stories is a collection of visual novels in different genres and styles. Romance, meetings, dangers, adventures and even mystery are waiting for you!

Play poker like never before...

Play 21 like never before...

Complete tracks as fast as possible to unlock levels and car upgrades! Customize your car & build custom levels and enjoy your own rally!

Adrenaline Dungeon is a top-down dungeon crawler game, play as an unknown man stuck in a time-looped dungeon. Uncover clues to discover a new order trying to rewrite history. Use different weapons and abilities to escape the dungeon and prevent history from being rewritten.

BookyPets Legends is a videogame of adventure, exploration and collecting, whose main objective is to encourage children from 7 to 12 years to read in an easy and funny way.

Welcome to TV-show. Play and enjoy before the guillotine cut off your hand. Be prepared to put your skills and reflexes to the test in the many mini-games!

This is the live preview build of Operation: Harsh Doorstop available to Patreon, Discord, Youtube, and Steam supporters. This version of the project includes debug tools, testing utilities, and allows players to preview upcoming updates before they're released to the public.

A modern version of the classic arcade game

A simple placement game, which only needs to set the role to fight, can achieve full automatic combat.

The zombie apocalyptic is here! Unfortunately , You were trapped in a quarantine area. Explore this seamless and procedurally generated world. You need to craft items, upgrade your technology, and eventually build a plane to escape. Good luck, survivor.

A short, single player, third person, tactical stealth action game set in the early 1990's meant to be finished in one sitting. Use the shadows, shoot out lights, stun enemies, and conceal yourself in the darkness through 5 Missions.

Pyramis is a H.R Giger & retro-scifi-inspired survival horror game, that will bring back the genre to its roots and modernize it in the process. The game is driven by its story, beautiful environments, exploration, and horrific themes.

Fly around in search of a safe planet to land on. Discover what happened to the others, and try and survive long enough to do so. Can you survive in the bullet hell space shooter game?

Souls of White Star is a sci-fi turn-based card wargame Roguelike strategy game. The different design of [double-sided technology moving cards] and [bandwidth draw cost] will test your judgment and decision more!

Collect cute furry creatures in this engaging hidden object game.

A game in which you control an egg-shaped player to explore 4 unique levels.

Single player First person Puzzle Base Casual Story base game that follows a soldier in his mission to find out what has happened to a lab out in the woods.

Immerse yourself in the most realistic Cornhole simulation ever created with accurately motion captured player movement, detailed 3D modeled environment, official ACL bags, and commentary from legendary Cornhole personalities Trey Ryder and Bernie Nabors.

Adventures of DaKoo the Dragon has over 150 levels, using a randomized vortex level rollout to make every run of the game unique. Animations, enemy spawning, and attacks are all randomized to enhance the immersion. With multiple ways to attack you will take on 5 Bosses among multiple obstacles.

Project Astra Dominium is a Tower Defense game with Basebuilding and Automation elements. Build up your base to become a supply hub for Earth's desperately needed materials, gather resources while defending against an unknown alien threat and improve your tower's and AI capabilities.

Manic Archers is the very first topdown Zelda-type versus game ever! It features simplistic and on-the-point gameplay with amazing game mechanics and lovely arcade style pixelart-details. It is playable with up to 4 players simultaneously on one screen in several variants.

Eleven years ago the Dark Beast was sealed by the four heroes. Now, with the heroes nowhere to be seen, it's up to Albus to defeat the Dark Beast before it regains its full powers.

Super Puzzle Cross is a real time puzzle game with rogue-like features. Use one of six weapons, each providing a different puzzle experience. Upgrade your character with armor, artifacts, and even pets to prepare for life and death puzzle combat.

Unleash your inner Phantom Hunter in a supernatural 8-bit world! Battle against relentless ghosts, dodge a hail of bullets, and gather materials to unlock new classes and customize your abilities with powerful pendants. Will you rise to the challenge and become the ultimate ghost exterminator?

Are you ready to test your skills and bravery in the ultimate horror action game? Introducing Forkscythe, a retro FPS unlike any other. Set in a nightmarish world overrun by attacking skulls, you'll need quick reflexes and strategic thinking to survive!

Unleash mayhem in Battle Tracks, a top-down action-adventure game. Confront waves of enemies, play with or challenge friends, explore six unique worlds, and earn stars to advance through uncharted territories.

Lumien is a fast-paced third-person platformer in which you explore the ruins of an ancient civilization and breathe life back into it. On your way past the various defenses, you'll be helped by the Orbs, fueled by the mysterious powers of the civilization.

In The Orphan, you'll step into the shoes of Eric, a young orphan who has returned to the abandoned orphanage. As you explore its dark and twisted corridors, you'll encounter all manner of supernatural creatures and otherworldly horrors that will test your courage and your sanity.

3D block puzzles built from pixel art! Push, pull, and climb on the blocks of a PictoPull puzzle in order to reach the goal. Create your own puzzles and share them!

War breeds heroes you've never heard of. You are the ordinary person holding a huge burden of protecting what's most precious and innocent. Fight with hunger, wounds, cold, disease, and enemy cruelty. Defend your family and survive the war!

RAIDBORN is a straightforward first-person fantasy action RPG featuring procedurally generated dungeons and quests. Plunder a treasure-strewn world, upgrade your gear, level up your skills, and hurl yourself into intense combat.

A minimalist puzzle game about connecting and disassembling circuits

In this thrilling top-down roguelite survival game, you'll face off against hordes of creatures in a desperate battle for survival. You'll need to collect energy to unlock new skills and upgrade existing ones, and every moment counts as you fight your way through waves of monsters.

Gripper is a story-driven action game with boss fights on wheels. Tear your enemies apart with a grappling hook. Rip out their metal hearts to gain abilities. Rescue your family and uncover the secrets of the collapsing world.

Attic Panic is a 2-4 player top-down supernatural rogue-lite shooter where you play as possessed toys that battle each other to entertain the Entity, which grants players unique powers and abilities at the end of each round.

Experience a big adventure on a tiny scale! Enjoy multiplayer survival in a vast, hazardous world. Preparation is key when you're this small & at the bottom of the food chain. Craft weapons & armour, tame & ride creatures, build encampments & explore a strange new land.

Mind the gap and start managing your railways through this strategic journey! All aboard! This train is ready to depart!

In this short but very fun game, you have to do parkour in a dungeon to save the queen who was taken by the big bad guy but watch out for the dangerous lava that sends you back to the beginning no matter where you are. Hope to see you in paradise.

Zombie Rush is an endless 2D Shoot'em Up game! Kill Zombies, unlock new characters and locations!

"ShemHaMephorash" is a historical low fantasy strategy game set in the battlefield at the end of the 19th century, where you can explore the language of miracles. Treat the unique "rabbi" and the soldiers skillfully and guide them to the end.

The illusion curse Is a horror game made by professional crew In the art of horror. You will have the opportunity to experience one of the most powerful types of psychological horror Based on an environment designed in every detail to be a real hell that makes you terrified.

Christmas is a joyful time, but this time something dark is hiding behind the holiday decorations. Your actions will determine whether you and your girlfriend survive Christmas night.

Explosive retro arcade action is back! Active Soccer 2023 is an exciting retro arcade football game providing a fast-paced arcade experience, implementing amazing playability and responsive easy-to-learn/hard-to-master controls.

Try your best to choose and match different weapons, supportive items and also your unique active skills. Your goal is to survive!! Use coins to upgrade your characters, unlock new characters and also maps.

Glory Room is a Roguelike game that can be played quickly and lightly. It proceeds with stories of the characters who have no choice but to come to the hellish arena. Various items, monsters and traps give you trials. Overcome it and create your own show to defeat the demons and reclaim your glory!

A round based zombie killing experience. Each wave will be harder than the last; with bosses showing up at possibly the worst of times. Good luck you will need it.

Help King-Meow to collect gold to increase your cat speed and make the higher score in this precision platformer.

After losing some packages, postman Philip turns to his new friends, Jack and Jill, for help in delivering all the remaining packages to their rightful owners. But it's not just a simple delivery task; the bandits are willing to do whatever it takes to get their hands on the valuable packages.

All Goblin is a surreal third person experience containing jumping puzzles, interconnected world design and a semi-automatic slingshot. All Goblin is an ever expanding Goblin Game, it contains the necessary components for a Goblin related experience.

“Lovers in Playa Rosa” is a Romantic Comedy Visual Novel and Yuri Dating Sim where you play as barkeeper Tina Lee as she takes a trip to Mexico to improve her fortunes and explore lesbian love!

Participate in the God of Gamblers Tournament to compete for the Ring of God of Gamblers, date casino beauties, and whether you can gain intimacy is up to you.

In 1804, doorman Philibert Asper's body was found in the Catacombs of Paris. His death remains unsolved to this day. This VR experience takes you 20 feet underground to uncover the truth about his demise. Find out what lurks in the darkness, but make no mistake, spirits never come alone.

Collect bananas, hire workers, and gear up your banana in Banana Clicker, the ultimate idle game. Can you become the best banana collector?

From the developer of cult hits Deadnaut, Zafehouse Diaries and Fear Equation comes Deadnaut: Signal Lost. In this slick, fast-paced roguelike you’ll take control of a single Deadnaut, unlock suit upgrades and abilities, fight cosmic horrors, and investigate drifting wrecks and abandoned moons.

A platformer without a jump button. Use your chainsaw to navigate the world.

Red Man Follows is a short (20min - 30min) game that follows the story of a human of light who heads on the worlds darkest place...

There's an issue with your vaccination status. To correct it, you've been ordered to arrive at an unlisted clinic. You don't have much choice so you walk in... to get attacked by a psychotic nurse! You better find a way to escape before she injects you with the FINAL DOSE!

Save Our Solar System brings a fresh look on the tower defense genre. Shape the world around you with a lovable playable character. Harvest metal to upgrade towers. Collect rocket parts to advance to further planets. Fend off endless waves of asteroids.

In Bakeborough, a Bakery RPG, you can take out your eye to see less.

Overdelivery is a frantic top-down goods delivery simulator. Drive against the time to deliver goods without customer complaints. Upgrade or buy new bikes to unlock new kinds of goods. Unlock new areas of the city, travel around, and explore an open environment.

Takara Cards is a fusion of deckbuilding and tactical RPG about adventuring through Cosmos and Karma. Pilot medieval ships using Cards and find the Dragons! Each adventure through space offers new challenges and events in this roguelike!

A Game about Elves and Witches. Elven Voices delves deeper into Fae the elven witch's apprentice and there endless struggle to recover their lost spell book from Earthen Lands without drawing any attention to themselves because this is strictly forbidden by the Elven Elders.

Cyber Cult City is a hoverboarding and hacking Cyberpunk roguelite focused on hit and run tactics.

Psychological horror in which you will have to try on the role of a psychologist on a helpline, as well as be drawn into a series of strange events taking place in the office.

Outfit, crew and command your submarine to save what's left of humanity beneath the seas of a ruined earth. Man your sub's systems and take aim in this real-time strategy epic! Inspired by FTL, this subnautic student project serves as our first 2-semester release.

Vagrant Knight is a topdown challenging action roguelike with elegant hack-n-slash combat with spell casting. Mow down and clear each room of demonic spawns to level up your character with unique melee attacks and spells. Try different combination of special attacks and spell in each level.

Uncover the truth about the Ghostland Yard investigators disappearance in this challenging 2D platformer. Travel accross the world in more than 130 handcrafted levels to find your friends!

Can a video game convey a flavor?

Command an army of 1000 troops. Create squads from a variety of unit types and give them orders to perform devastating strategic maneuvers. Then lead your army into battle and slice the opposing army into pieces.

Terra Nil is an intricate environmental strategy game about transforming a barren wasteland into a thriving, balanced ecosystem. Bring life back to a lifeless world by purifying soil, cleaning oceans, planting trees, and reintroducing wildlife, then leave without a trace.

Faraway Proximity is a third-person puzzle game about recovering lost books. You have been contacted to recover a set of misplaced books. Find them by solving different types of challenges and uncover more puzzles by reading their stories.

Run a Magical Inn with friends! Yarrul’s family Inn has been stolen by an evil wizard landlord! Team up with friends to reclaim your family's legacy. Manage your inn, brew potions, fish, cook, and fight in this hectic & heartfelt magical adventure. Play solo or co-op for 1-4 players.

Experience the emotional storytelling and unforgettable characters in The Last of Us™, winner of over 200 Game of the Year awards.

Gorilla Tag meets FPS. It's that easy.

Combat Mission Battle for Normandy faithfully recreates the experience of tactical land warfare in Western France during World War Two.

Work your way across endless terrain and toxic water in search for a way to stop the energy outburst that will end all life.

Combine deadly racing, deckbuilding, and roguelite style to get car battles unlike anything before! Choose a driver, car, weapons, and sponsors to overcome tactical encounters. Adapt to an ever-changing race to come out on top and earn entry into the last safe haven on the Divided States of America.

SiN: Gold has returned! Free update for original owners!

Be the Zombie. Kick A** and Take Brains.

Combining an atmospheric, psychological thriller narrative with paranormal psychic abilities, stealthy exploration and intense shooter action, Second Sight brings a new dimension to stealth action games, giving players control of a character endowed with incredible psychic abilities.

Niko Bellic, Johnny Klebitz and Luis Lopez all have one thing in common - they live in the worst city in America. Liberty City worships money and status, and is heaven for those who have them and a living nightmare for those who don't.

Train Simulator 2021 is the ultimate railway hobby! Take control of authentic licensed locomotives, drive real-world routes and customise your experience with improved Steam Workshop integration.

One part Minesweeper, one part Civilization. With every click of the mouse your empire grows stronger. But will it be strong enough to withstand the barbarian hordes?

In Warhammer 40,000 Space Marine you are Captain Titus, a Space Marine of the Ultramarines chapter and a seasoned veteran of countless battles.

In the year 2215, orbiting humanity's newest extrasolar colony, Police Captain Vincent Cassini becomes embroiled in an intersystem conspiracy to bury crimes that occurred during the war that devastated his planet.

First-person action survival game set in a post-apocalyptic open world overrun by flesh-hungry zombies. Roam a city devastated by a mysterious virus epidemic. Scavenge for supplies, craft weapons, and face hordes of the infected.

SNOW - The Ultimate Edition is the only open world, winter sports game. Explore a massive mountain, customize your character with clothing and equipment, compete in events to be the best. Access to all mountains, tracks, events as well including all cosmetics, ski, snowboard, drone, and snowmobile.

Experience the life, and afterlife of Ray LaMorte as you unlock the mystery behind his death in this heart-warming dark comedy action adventure!

Team up to operate a starship and explore a randomized galaxy falling into chaos. Coordination between your crewmembers is essential to survive the perils that await you.

We left the surface of the Earth in ruins, abandoned it and populated the oceans. The sea is now our new home. We call it Aqua. Pilot customized fighter ships and explore a deep sea dystopia torn by the struggle for resources and survival. Enter the unforgiving world of Aquanox Deep Descent.

Serious Sam 4 reignites the classic FPS series in a high-powered prequel loaded with an explosive arsenal, intergalactic carnage, and perfectly timed one-liners.

The horns sound, the ravens gather. An empire is torn by civil war. Beyond its borders, new kingdoms rise. Gird on your sword, don your armour, summon your followers and ride forth to win glory on the battlefields of Calradia. Establish your hegemony and create a new world out of the ashes of the old.

Over 1000 unique components allow you to build and command voxel vehicles from the deep ocean to outer space- including battleships, planes, submarines and space ships! Forge strategies, allegiances and fleets strong enough to destroy eight deadly factions of the planet and reign supreme.

Wage epic turn-based battles as you follow Daryon and Selene on their quest to find a cure to the all-consuming Corrosion in this grand tale of hope and sacrifice.

Get Packed: Fully Loaded is the expanded edition of the couch co-op removals game that’s full of calamity and physics-based carnage for 1-4 players.

Sub Rosa is a multiplayer first-person shooter about tense deals, double-crosses, and the occasional high-speed car chase.

In this sci-fi strategy sim you build up global civilizations on distant worlds. Harvest resources and produce goods to establish space trade. Form alliances or wage economic warfare to take over competing corporations. Do research to protect your colonists from disasters and avoid a climate crisis.

In this final chapter of the Reversion series, you must join the Resistance to defeat the evil Sergio. Buenos Aires is in ruins, but you have a chance to reverse history. Will you have what it takes to save your city before it’s too late?

Do you find tycoon games too simplistic? GearCity is a complex and in-depth business simulator. It focuses on a realistic economic simulation of the global automobile industry. The game takes several hours to grasp and hundreds of hours to master. Can you succeed where many other CEOs have failed?

Re-Volt lets you guide one of 28 remote control cars through insane race tracks set in unusual environments. Curbs become huge walls, toys are obstacles, and everything is fair game to drive on, through, or over.

DjArcas' Twin Stick Shooter for up to 4 players - Pikmin meets Gauntlet. Advance your character, get epic loot, raise a gnome army!

A revolutionary crowd-based retro brawler

Feud: Wild West Tactics is a turn based game all about gun blazing, shotgun blasting, knife stabbing and dynamite throwing action in the Wild West. Follow the story or set out on your own to build a western empire. Do you have the grit to showdown against the toughest gunslingers?

H-Hour: World's Elite™ is a TPV tactical, team-based multiplayer, military shooter in which cooperation among players is required for success on the battlefield. Designed by David Sears as a spiritual successor to the early SOCOM games.

FRONTIERS blends the feel of first-person RPG classics like Daggerfall with the relaxing tempo and simplicity of a point-and-click adventure.

A noir story of a tiny bird fighting in the colourless world of Grayland. Grayland is a story driven side-scroller game with unique art style. Fly and fight your way through the radiation filled lands, save your loved one and your children.

Indie-RPG infusing “Zelda” with classic JRPGs like “Secret of Mana”. Explore the cute and wonderful Orio Island, gain the trust of the elemental god fairies and wield their magical powers to save the Divine Tree from the Relics of Gan-Ti.

Star Sonata 2 is a space sandbox MMO that combines elements of action, RPG, and empire creation into a truly unique MMO. Explore the sandbox style universe, build persistent bases, construct trade ships, and even fight your way to the top and claim the Emperor’s Throne!

Stones of Harlath is a first person dungeon crawler in VR. Players will play as a powerful battle mage, wield swords, shields and maces and cast powerful magic by drawing runes with their controller.

Your fight for survival begins on the frozen shores of Tarvhas, where bitter cold and vicious creatures conspire to defeat the unprepared. Uncover the land’s dark history as you and fellow explorers traverse an unforgiving and hostile world to tame the Savage Lands.

Wing Breakers is extreme battle air racing mayhem with crazy cows. Survive chaotic air fights full of missile loaded planes, threatening drones and angry animals. Play solo or team up with other players online and in split-screen mode. Just beat them all and become a hero of Wing Breakers!

The Guild 3 is a fascinating trade and life simulation that takes place during the late Middle Ages. Step into the shoes of a citizen, acquire businesses and mansions, produce goods and trade them, start intrigues in politics and society, love, hate, bribe, fight and live through good and bad times!

Take the role of a plane crash survivor stranded somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Come face to face with some of the most life threatening scenarios that will result in a different experience each time you play. Scavenge. Discover. Survive.

Burger Patrol is an arcade puzzle game where you match tiles to create unique burger combos. Keep the food pile from reaching the top as you aim for a high score!

MARS is a First/Third Person Shooter brimming with creativity and unique features long forgotten in this day of modern AAA games. From the hilarious Headhunter mode, to Huge Mecha vs Mecha battles, to fully customizable loadouts; MARS is a gem to behold amongst the FPS/TPS genre.

Blob From Space is a 2d side scroller game. Difficulty will change when progressing. Try to survive many challenges with only 3 continues! Let the rage begin!

A desolate realm, kept in flux by the rhythm of battle. A proving ground for those with great ambition. A Year Of Rain is the ultimate team real-time strategy game. Choose your faction, team up and take control of a legendary hero to lead your armies!

Explore Arctico with your dog sled team, kayak, and parachute! Build and customize your base camp, gather resources, take care of your experiments in this peaceful island.

Panzer Ball is a fast-paced 3D platformer inspired by the classic surf and bunnyhop game modes. Jump in and see how fast you can complete the courses in both single and multiplayer.

Demolish your friends with hundreds of upgradable weapons shot from your customizable tank in this action-packed online multiplayer tanks game. Earn XP to level up and unlock new tanks, weapons, and gear. Fight against or alongside your friends for strategic team or free-for-all matches.

Explore a vast world. Manipulate every tile. Build your kingdom. Conquer the elemental dungeons. The moldable world of Tile Miner is at your fingertips!

Tales from the Borderlands is a five part episodic game series from the creators of The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series. Set on the unforgiving world of Pandora after the events seen in Borderlands 2, this is a story full of Borderlands’ trademark humor, following two adventurers on their quest for greatness.

Survive ambitious rulers dreaming of an empire, outsmart treacherous neighbors longing to burn your spoils, and navigate the religion’s predictably unreasonable demands; you need ask only one question as you build your legacy – “Will you burn them, or be burnt?

Strap yourself into the cockpit of a robot seven times taller than a Tyrannosaurus Rex and prepare to do battle in Vox Machinae: the ultimate giant robot combat action-simulator for both VR and standard screens.

Rift's Cave is an adventure/puzzle solving Virtual Reality game for the Oculus Rift. You will live an epic adventure exploring fantasy environments, solving mysteries and using your magic skills to defend yourself from what lies within.

Paint the Town Red is a chaotic first person melee combat game set in different locations and time periods. The voxel-based enemies can be punched, bashed, kicked, stabbed and sliced completely dynamically using almost anything that isn't nailed down.

You’re not only a trucker, you’re a tycoon. Drive your rig to make it big as you build your business. Take your show on the road in the third installment of the 18 Wheels of Steel series!

Retro Commander is a post-apocalyptic real-time strategy wargame (RTS).

Hollow's Land is relaxing game where you kill skeletons of fire who are trying to put out your bonfire. Throwing snowballs under the northern lights.
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